PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

Took a couple days off to spend with Black Queen Selene* for her birthday shenanigans.

Thursday, dinner at Maurya. Then, Nation! Big fun, was driving, so not much with the drinking, and consequently, not so much with the dancing. Fun was had. Certain birthday girls had more fun than others, as a result of many drinks being bought for them, so we poured her into the car after a nice long night.

(Although, next time, maybe not a huge pile of Indian food right before drinking and dancing. Ah well.)

Friday, dinner with a small group at Sushi King in Columbia: us, Bonnie, Pickett, the Fish, and Selene's brother. Mmmm, s00shi-tastic. Afterwards, headed up to Remington's in Beltsville for karaoke! This will get written up in a separate post later. Suffice it to say, much fun. Met many of Selene's friends, and in fact her parents and grandmother (though I didn't really get a chance to chat to them, what with the loud bar and everything.)

Saturday, woke up early (in comparison, heh) and caught a movie. Then, after a tasty meal at Pasta Plus, out to Virginia for a going-away party for shannonlj2. Met even more friends, including many I had only encountered on the LiveJournal. Huzzah! More good times were had, fun conversations, head shavings, etc.

Also, the party was hosted by Pickett's brother (who I don't believe has an LJ.) And a couple of my friends have said or theorized that their cat is part Maine Coone, just because they're large-ish. After meeting his cat Mortimer, I can honestly say, OMG that's a big cat. Seriously. It's bigger than my parent's dog. It's almost bigger than my two year old daughter. It's astoundingly large, I totally wanted to steal it.

And probably more than I'm forgetting, but hey.

Was supposed to work today, but ended up switching off to take someone to the doctor's. Busy week of catching up ahead, and fingers crossed, horking a couch. Also, VNV Nation! Aw, yeah.

* - Yes, I'm changing code names back to my original pick, just because it's easier to type.
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