PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

"In this twisted post-objective world, White House spinners see every screw-up as a golden opportunity. Not only did he not lose the election, Bush and his media organs drone on, he won a mandate! If WMDs weren't found in Iraq, it just proves that they were moved to Syria - not that the war was based on lies. The former detainees who claim they were tortured at Gitmo? They 'hate America,' says Bush."
-Ted Rall

* Worth reading: the battle over gay rights moves to public schools.
* House ethics committee remains stalled over DeLay case.
* Ted Rall on the dangers of the administration listening to its own propaganda. Also, more pithy insight.
* Poll of scientists find many prone to misconduct in reporting data.
* What about linking your banking account to your fingerprint?
* So, what if they held a celebrity trial, and no one cared?

[NOTE: Due to some days off for a certain someone's birthday, updates will be more sporadic for the next couple days. I'm sure you all will survive.]

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