PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

Last night's class was all about cesareans and other complications, unquestionably the worst class ever. Tonight is infant care, so I better take notes.

Have I mentioned how lucky Red Queen is. Last week, the movie we meant to watch we didn't watch, and flipping around channels, she finds the new Firefly episode. Last night, flipping around channels, she finds a *brand new* Invader Zim ("The Most Horrible X-Mas Ever")! And, in fact, it was awesome. Will have to watch to see when it reruns so I can get it on tape.

The Onion AV Club has its list of Best Albums of 2002 out now.

NEWS: Racist comments nothing new for Trent Lott. The administration is falling shot on selling the war with Iraq. Even more problems with nation-building in post-war Iraq, as the US is paying the price of its foreign policies. And Godfrey Sperling's political wish list for 2003.
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