PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

NYTimes presents the state of Iraq (chart explanation here.)
The Iraqi government puts the civilian death toll from the insurgency at 12,000.

Military recruiters face a new force of opposition: parents.

All this talk of Watergate points out the sad state of modern journalism.

* "Two Israeli soldiers have alleged that they were ordered to carry out revenge attacks on Palestinian police after six of their comrades were killed."
* Bush readies another set of judicial nominees.
* David Ignatius finds Turkey an ally worth investing effort in.
* For good press, Wal-Mart turns to reality TV.
* Have scientists isolated a sexual orientation gene in fruit flies?
* OoooOooh. Extinct cave bear DNA sequenced.
* Research suggests curvy women will outlive their skinnier counterparts.
* Looking behind the desire for space-based weaponry.
* The list of boxing movie cliches.
* Will 60 Minutes have room for all its stars?
* The new (female) face of racing.

Book review: "Where the Evil Empire Is Us and the Veil Liberation"

How Jaws changed Hollywood, despite impressive setbacks.

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