PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

After tasty dive Chinese food and an averted case of actual poisoning*, Black Queen and I went to see XXX: State of the Union last night. In the past, I've described Speed as a perfect summer action movie, but XXX2 may take the cake here. It's just about perfect as a mindless action flick. There's just enough plot to get the ball rolling, lots of high speed chases, death-defying leaps of logic, and slow-motion walking in front of illogical explosions. Big fun. Unfortunately, Willem Dafoe was tragically underutilized, but ah well.

They set out to make the XXX franchise as an American James Bond, and it's working well, honestly. This one was much better than the original, and not just because Ice Cube is awesome. I'm also liking the concept of changing XXX's for each film; it keeps a sense of continuity, but allows them to try out different things and not have to stick too close to any canon (other than Newton's Law of Unnecessary Explosions, as listed above.) My votes for the next one would be either Wesley Snipes or... the Rock?

New trailers:
* The Man - OK, a Samuel L. Jackson/Eugene Levy buddy cop/odd couple movie. It writes itself! On the other hand, Miguel Ferrer gets to pay rent this month.
* Into the Blue - Paul Walker *and* Jessica Alba? How could it be bad! No, seriously, this trailer was like fifteen minutes long, it had an intermission and everything.

On a personal note, special thanks to a certain someone for making sure I got up on time this morning, as I got here to work to find out I'd be working solo, I looked like a drowned rat after walking through the rain, more than a couple things were broken, but I had the morning report to push out first. A full plate, baby. Things are under control now, but, man, thrilling.

(* - No, seriously, she's really allergic to chocolate, and after dinner they gave us these little gumball-looking things, so she popped one into her mouth... and they turned out to be candy-coated chocolate mints. But, like I said, she didn't die, so we're all good.)

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