PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

Good read: Bob Herbert on truth and deceit.

Time magazine analysis of the facts at Guantanamo.

Dana Milbank notes Bush *is* a uniter... for Democrats! Zing!

Texas tells the Minutemen no thanks.

* Bush makes a statement about Africa - sort of.
* The first GI to serve time for Abu Ghraib speaks out.
* Consistently low mortgage rates raise interesting questions.
* Putting a White House report to the test.
* California to voluntarily slash emissions.
* Looking for big answers with the biggest-ever cosmic simulation.
* Smithsonian drops intelligent design movie screening.
* The ripple effects of the Baby Boomers continues.
* Heh. Tom Cruise's recent behavior might be putting production of Mission: Impossible 3 in jeopardy.

Now that we know who Deep Throat is, the BBC wonders what other secrets are left to uncover?

Fighting Google's monopoly on the past.

It's a wiki, wiki world.

DC to host major Shakespeare festival in 2007.

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    "It’s Time for Black Liberation, Not Liberalism."

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    What lead to the death of the enclosed mall as a concept?

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