PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

"But this particular anti-press campaign is not about Journalism 101. It is about Power 101. It is a sophisticated effort to demolish the idea of a press independent of political parties by way of discouraging scrutiny of conservative politicians in power."
-E.J. Dionne Jr.

Tracking the Koran-Newsweek fiasco to... Hugh Grant. No, really.

Wow. Barry Petersen on a growing divide within China.

What free speech? Marx-Bush posters taken down after a student complains.

* Jim Hoagland wonders about the question 'why do they hate us?'
* Administration refuses to hand over terror suspect.
* Analysis of NATO's role in the Darfur tragedy.
* Analysis of the stem cell showdown.
* Foreign volunteers facing harsh reality in tsunami recovery.
* Glass-selling a lucrative business in Iraq these days.
* A tidal change in the war on drugs?
* Studies find minorities receive less treatment for chronic pain.
* DeLay PAC treasurer found guilty of violating Texas election code.
* Cropp's campaign against a publicly-funded stadium may not pay off.
* Seattle has their first heat advisory. Ever. Fuckers.
* And then the chimes of Big Ben... stopped.
* Spreading the good word with Christian comic books.
* Entertainment Weekly's review of the Lost season finale.

There's a mystery on Titan.

Johnny Depp foots the bill for a Hunter S. Thompson memorial.

Tom DeLay takes on... Law & Order?

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