PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

Dick Meyer is grateful for the Senate compromise. Post analysis remains guarded. E.J. Dionne Jr. knows which senators need watching. Times analysis sees more tests ahead. And two Senate elders who made compromise possible.

Polls show most Americans want parties to agree on judges; however, the numbers also show most people don't care.

Howard Kurtz on Newsweek as a new wedge issue.

Robert Scheer on church hypocrisy.

* The Abramoff scandal drags in Grover Norquist.
* Howard Dean cuts loose on DeLay.
* Profile of controversial nominee Priscilla Owen.
* Is the obesity epidemic overblown?
* Horse-racing starts to eye cloning. "Do we really want races that pit 10 Secretariats against each other?"
* Rockville company claims to hold the future of television.
* Comedy Central deals with Chappelle's disappearance.
* Christian video game developers hope to make their mark.

Damnit. Wormholes might not be good for time travel after all.
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