PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

Today was actually pretty fulfilling. Caught up with two of my favorite Virginians, Mistress Sassy and Lemon Russ. Haven't seen either in far too long. One of those fun days that, despite going over other stressy things in my life, reminds me of how lucky I am, in general.

Dork note: also, in seeing Lemon Russ, I divested myself of the rest of my Skaven*. As much as I love my rats with knives, I really don't game much at all anymore**. So when I do have time for tabletop gaming, games I enjoy will take priority. And honestly, Warhammer Fantasy is fun, but not remotely my favorite. I just don't like rank-and-file movement. Anyways. Will work on getting some other gaming stuff on the eBay this week. Need less stuff, not more.

Tonight, myself and one bebe for book club. Tomorrow night and Wednesday night, season finales for The Shield and Lost, respectively. Thursday, shenanigans with a certain lovely person. This weekend, some work, some turkey, some friends, etc.

[Oh, and my OTD mail is down right now, so I'm not ignoring stuff sent there. Or ignoring LJ comments. I just can't, uh, get there. If it's crucial, wing it to paul.jacobus at gmail. Or the cell. Whichever.]

* - Except my Blood Bowl team, you know, in case of emergencies. I also was going to keep a gang around for Mordheim, in case a campaign breaks out. But, ehn, changed my mind. Can always make up another gang if need be.
** - Not counting City of Heroes, of course.

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