PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

Tonight, on Deadwood...

* Wu's gathering the troops. OMG AXE
* (Did Johnny just save the day?) (While carrying a pig?)
* "What if they're her idea? That's libel to bring the dromedary to its knees." -Ellsworth
* Australia?
* "I hate to think you're this good at something that's just a fucking hobby." -Al
* Trixie's dress! Jewel!
* Man, some days, I do't actually get what's going on in E.B.'s head.
* JANE'S DRESS (hee, undergarment superstitions.)
* Couldn't they have just gotten the actual Gene Hackman to play Hearst?
* Alma's soliloquy, nice. "He's a good man. And he who I love is here as well."
* Oooh, Hearst didn't know about Wolcott's... issues. And man, Wolcott is really messed up.
* Silas as Al's brain trust.
* My favorite scenes with Al are the ones where he's giving someone advice.
* Man, sure is convenient a new preacher showed up a couple weeks back, just in time for the funeral and the wedding!
* I'm totally naming my next cat Whitney Conway Ellsworth.
* Gee Wolcott, what's the rope for?
* Hee, Merrick always cries at weddings. And Doc's there!
* Heh, paralleling the deal and the wedding.
* Man, actual dancing in the thoroughfare.
* Wu's Axe Gang! With MASKS!
* Hee, Jane starting a fight! And Sol and Trixie dancing!
* Hey Cy? You don't want to blackmail Hearst. Seriously.
* Sayonara, SFCS.
* Hee, Doc dancing
* "Wu! America!"
* Nuttal as spoonman! And the Russian dancing! Jewel and the Doc!

Wow. Was that just a (more or less) happy ending? So odd.

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