PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

So, finally caught Revenge of the Sith last night. It was pretty good, all things considered. Didn't have the politics of Episode 2, which was my favorite part of it, but we got to see the fruition of all that plotting, so there's that. Of course, the problem once again came down to bad acting and script, which really shined through with the Anakin/Padme scenes. Whuf. Again, I shouldn't be giggling when they're having big tense dramatic moments.

Aso, Mr. Lucas, why did you think your epic saga needed more Jimmy Smits? Yeesh.

Dooku was totally shafted, he got like four minutes of screentime. Grievous was awesome; not quite as good as he was in Clone Wars, and not quite the ultimate fighter he's supposed to be, but still a scary beast. And I have to confess, Christensen did good enough as Spooky Evil Anakin.

Bu the buildup stuff was good, especially in the little details. The fight scenes were decent (but not enough Wookie!) and, if nothing else, there's a sense of completion.

So, yeah, discuss away.
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