PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

"A colleague at a very large newspaper has recently posed the suggestion that if we the media stopped reporting the bombings in Iraq, the bombers would give up and go home. The problem with that argument is, in many ways, we have stopped reporting them."
-Kimberly Dozier

Frank Rich talks about how it's all Newsweek's fault. Ted Rall beats the press.

Dick Meyer on the fall of the Senate. The first victim in the fight over judicial nominees was Congress's image.

Here's more evidence of prewar intelligence doubts in the Bush administration.

* Laura Bush manages to unite Jews and Muslims - in protesting her visit. Haw haw!
* Karzai focuses on prisoner abuse. Coincidentally, the same day, a US memo is released criticizing his progress. The UN calls for investigation of US abuses. NYTimes report on how the Army failed to investigate detainee abuse claims.
* David Brooks on the Senate's quavering moderates.
* The rush to war led to abuse and waste in contracting security.
* David Broder on stem cell hope.
* PG County charge five in homicide ring.
* Watch what you e-mail: Ehrlich aide asked about how to fire O'Malley in-law.
* Norway to investigate 'wave farm' technology.
* The winners from Cannes.

How species extinction hurts the fight against worldwide poverty.

Kid climbs into vending machine.

Wow! Technology lets scientists unlock the missing writings of Archimedes.

[Sorry all, had a much larger post, but I accidentally closed the wrong Firefox window, and man, there's no way to come back from that. -P.]

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