PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

New trailers:

* The 4400
Part of the 2wenty, a quick look at the new season. OK, mostly just introducing people to the premise, but still, can't wait. As noted elsewhere, June 5th is new episodes!

* The Longest Yard
Yep, looks good enough for me. I've got pretty low standards, though. But hey, Kevin Nash and Steve Austin#, plus James Cromwell and William Fichtner, too.

* Cinderella Man
It says something about me that I recognized the actor playing Max Baer not as Lister from Red Dwarf, but as that guy from The Long Kiss Goodnight. ("Oh fooey, I burned the ding dang muffins!")

* The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe
Lookin' sharp, I gotta admit. RQ says some of the scenes appeared to be from later books, I couldn'te tell you. Comparisons to Lord of the Rings will be inevitable, but really, this looks like a worthy sequel to the Dungeons & Dragons movie. Wait. (Also, Tilda Swinton, you can play bad guys exclusively from now on, and I will love you for it.) (Oh, and, Jim Broadbent, hee.)

* Stealth
Reportedly sat on the shelf for a while. After seeing the trailer (OMG it's a supersmart AI airplane that *just went rogue!*) I totally understand why. Really, audiences don't want an EXXXTREME remake of War Games. Even if you do add in a lot of Top Gun (minus all the homoerotic overtones.)

* Mr. and Mrs. Smith
I think Hollywood has realized this one's gonna be big. Lookin' pretty sharp. I'm betting this'll be one of the top grossers for the summer. And considering the competition, especially from genre films, that's saying something.

* Fantastic Four
Directed by the man who directed Taxi! Wait. No, seriously, could be good. The Thing looks *much* better here than in other stuff I've seen. Audience seemed... mixed. So, we'll see.

(# - Wrestler watch inserted for Gemini's reading enjoyment.)

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