PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

Continuing the NYTimes series on Class Matters: on health and marriage.

Good read: Annals of Outrage 2, yet more fraud and waste by the administration.

* American military commanders are changing their tune about the Iraq pullout.
* Congress passes measures to keep female soldiers out of combat.
* More bad news on Bolton.
* Whoo. Pregnant student defies graduation ban.
* Workplace climate control - why are some co-workers always hot, and others always cold?
* For video games to really become mainstream entertainment, they need to widen their appeal.
* Fox announces their fall season. (Prison Break looks interesting.) Also, Lisa De Moraes on the fall at CBS.

"When I sat down to do Sin City, I decided the guys would all be tough, the women would all be beautiful and the cars would all be vintage. The dirty secret of cartoonists is that we tend to write stories that give us fun things to draw."
-Frank Miller, at Cannes
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