PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

Back to the grindstone. My five-day mini-vacation flew by in a flurry of baby stuff and holiday dinners and the like. I'm mad about all this snow talk, because I know 1.) it's just getting my hopes up, and nothing will happen, and 2.) all the overreacting public is gonna swamp CostCo today.

BTW, babies are really expensive, so only rich people should have them. Alternately, parents should be given zillions of dollars to help defray costs of keeping civilization around. I wonder if there's some grant I can apply for. Or another participle which I could dangle.

Next week or so, literally entirely full of plans. B.a.h. And there's a couple people I've been meaning to hang out with, and just don't have the time. (It doesn't help that we have two classes this week, and two next week. Though, class almost over.)

* Ashcroft decides his employees don't need to pay attention to important federal laws that protect citizens from the federal government.
* And here I was worrying that with the gigantic federal deficit, the
government would have a great new way to spend money on something other than their debt. Hey, if I declare war on someone, can I ignore all the money I owe to credit cards and banks?
* Cal Thomas on this moderating Islam business.

Quote: "Funk this, you wookie!" -Moltar, to George S. Clinton, Space Ghost: Coast to Coast

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