PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

"The power to take life is too awesome to be given to government."
-Richard Cohen

About time. Women given full voting rights in Kuwait.

OK, here's my problem with the Newsweek retraction of the Koran story - it's not like our interrogators in Guantanamo haven't done worse, and it's not like the story's been disproven. Whuf.

Bob Scheiffer urges the use of common sense when it's a question of whether or not to notify the President of a possible attack.

* "Bush has pushed for increased funding for religion-based groups while proposing deep cuts for many traditional anti-poverty programs."
* Senate report says the US was aware of the Iraqi oil smuggling scheme.
* Pew report shows a changing electorate, and both parties are watching.
* Post editorial on more overreaching by the Congress.
* Sgt. Darby, the Abu Ghraib whistleblower.
* Henry Kissinger on implementing Bush's goals.
* Yes, proper spelling does count.
* Harvard to spend big to make their faculty more diverse.
* The dangers of... Vatican Radio. (Courtesy Black Queen.)
* OK, ladies: low-fat diet is good, alcohol is bad.
* A link between autism and difficult births?
* The original platypus on display. Well, not the original original, but you get the picture.
* Why do movie audiences shun sex but embrace violence?
* Christiane Amanpour to leave 60 Minutes.

ACLU files suit over government funding going to chastity ring program. Hey, where can I get one of those?

LiveOnline transcript with Joel Achenbach (on his recent future of space article.)

Are we prepared to reinvent human evolution?

NBC releases their fall schedule - and Scrubs is delayed? NOOOO!
Also, check out Virginia Heffernan's journal, good stuff.
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