PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

Good read: torture's dirty secret.

LATimes news analysis of the Bolton fight as an example of the administration's policy dynamics. (Courtesy Dan Froomkin.)

Moderate Senate Republicans facing new pressure.

New definitions for the political landscape.

Dottie Lynch on searching for common ground in the abortion debate.

Ehrlich unsure of how to proceed with upcoming gay rights legislation.

* Start a war, no money down!
* Anti-American riots in Afghanistan spread.
* Federal judge overthrows Nebraska's ban on same sex marriage.
* And where was Bush during Wednesday's airplane crisis? And how was that possible? (Bonus: press briefing transcript.)
* Consumer group sues big funeral home chains over price-fixing on caskets.
* Does your birth date affect when you reach menopause?
* New hope for back pain with an artificial disc.
* John Cleese is writing a new movie for Aardman Animations.

Looking inside the president's private life. (Bonus: a list of what we know and what we don't. Also, Bush's and Cheney's financial assets.'s guide to summer movies.

Robin D. Laws tastes evil.
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