PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

You know, had that plane that invaded DC airspace been carrying chemical or biological weapons, or a dirty bomb, having everyone running through the streets is *really* a bad idea. Joel Achenbach chimes on on the culture of fear.

Dan Froomkin on a victory for secrecy, social security, and terror alert controversy.

Harry Smith waves goodbye to the social contract.

How a memo from a evangelical doctor changed an FDA ruling on an emergency contraceptive.

The administration's poll numbers suffer under "Operation Overreach."

* Dozens of terror suspects were sent to Egypt by the administration.
* Air Force chaplain discusses academy proselytizing.
* Is the War College on the chopping block?
* Megan's Law just isn't working properly.
* In Los Angeles, traditional ethnic alliances are slowly changing.
* Within 96 hours, a single squad of Marines is demolished in Iraq.
* Scientists, engineers, and others ask Congress to come up with incentives to increase the number of women in the sciences.
* Why charter schools aren't the answer to education's problems.
* Students filibuster at Frist's alma mater.
* Cooking goes scifi.
* Generation M: the natural multitaskers.
* An exhibit of contagious media scoured from the internet.
* Lloyd Garver with high school reunion tips.

Japan's Byzantine trash-sorting system.

A pill to boost memory?

The Mars rover remains stuck in a sand dune. reviews People's 50 Most Beautiful People.

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