09 May 2005 @ 11:59 am
Previously, on Deadwood...

* Man, the whole town is in the streets.
* Merrick, totally in Al's pocket.
* "You're about to take a fuckin' beating for every time I've been asked 'what for?' today." -Dan
* Trixie: mastermind.
* Why bring Mose to Joanie's?
* Have we seen the last of Isringhausen?
* Man, rough day for the Doc.
* Also, this episode is flying right by, despite not much actually happening.
* Hee, Hostetler and the N.G. might open a new livery... in Oregon.
* OK, are they building to something with Bill?
* "I'm praying for the sheriff's boy." -Richardson
* Grim night in the camp, everyone just... waiting.
* New minister?
* Oh, man. Alma trusts Richardson (and even talks to him voluntarily.)
Melziemscheesecake on May 10th, 2005 11:57 pm (UTC)
I'm sure this'll all do wonders for the Alma's preggers situation.

I mean - man - Mrs. Bullock has it ROUGH! First, she has this husband who's ALWAYS away, then she has this kid to raise by herself, her husband dies, she marries the only person who makes sense - the brother in-law she met once, she hits some freaky-ass town to be with him, arrives to find her only hope in life in a deadly hand-to-hand combat, joins a face-off with the woman who loves her husband (and he seems to love her back, but stays with the wife out of obligation to his dead brother), THEN the only thing that's really hers and worth living for in life, her son, dies brutally - and oh yes - in a month or so she will get to see proof that her husband has conceived a child out of love with another woman - regardless of whether they bring poor Elsworth into the picture. It's one thing that the episodes are like lovely elizabethan dramas, but this one piece in itself is really, such a meaty tragedy...
PMMJ: TV: Who is number two?cheetahmaster on May 11th, 2005 08:13 am (UTC)
...and I love every minute of it. Seriously.

I'm waiting for Al to really sink his teeth into her, so to speak. I was blown away when they finally met a few episodes ago.