PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

Happy Turkey Day!

Last night we caught Summer Catch, and like a hot potato, we should have dropped it then and there. The 'subplots' are there just to fill out an already-too-long movie, and you know the whole plot in the first fifteen minutes. Freddy Prinze Jr. was boring at best, and his character I am pretty sure needed serious help. I am ashamed to admit I am liking Matthew Lillard more and more, he really saves the show. And Fred Ward is great no matter what he's in, which he proves here. Bruce Davidson too. However, I can now say I have seen the first movie with Buffy's Riley and Angel's Lindsey, and I even got Fez from That 70's Show as a 'bonus.' Oh, and if you like pain and rent this yourself, let me warn you, the deleted scenes are like half an hour long, and contain some important plot points the movie forgets to mention.

I woke up with Night Ranger's Sister Christian song stuck in my head. That can't be a good sign.

Today's 'Well, Duh' News: Big business gives more money to the GOP than to the Democrats.

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