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After the slowest dinner ever at the Columbia Lone Star last night, RQ and I headed over to Snowden to catch Kingdom of Heaven. I fully agree with the City Paper reviewer who wrote 'better than Troy, but not as good as Gladiator.' It's a fun historical epic romp, but is lacking that last bit of oomph to put it over the top into 'great movie' territory. On the other hand, an excellent supporting (B-level) cast including the likes of David Thewlis, Brendan Gleeson, and more. Oh, and the guy playing Saladin is excellent, and he's the historical character I care about the most, so there's that. Good summer movie, albeit a two and a half hour one, and don't go looking for Oscar-material.

New Trailers:
* Cinderella Man - As pointed out, most unfortunate title of the year.
* The New World - Ehn. Also, I think I'm done with Colin Farrell.
* The Greatest Game Ever Played - Name long enough there guys? It's a golf movie, might as well give up now. Oh, wait. It's *directed* by Bill "Game over, man!" Paxton. Also, we get Peter Firth, since they needed a British guy.
* Legend of Zorro - You know what the first Zorro was missing? An annoying little kid! Score. No, I give this one some leeway, because I secretly adore the first one. Ain't getting my hopes too high, though. Also, we get Rufus Sewell because Colin Firth was busy making some golf movie.
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