PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

The fight over the judiciary is the new front in the culture war.

Well then. Turns out Abramoff's ties go right to the White House.

Howard Kurtz: "The runaway bride has turned into a runaway television embarrassment."

Baptist congregation kicks out members who don't support Bush.

* "Pope Benedict XVI pledged on Saturday to resist attempts to water down Vatican teaching, indicating he will uphold Pope John Paul II's unwavering stands against abortion and euthanasia and will work to guarantee obedience to Church doctrine."
* Nicholas Kristof assails the Church's opposition to condoms.
* How home equity became a major economic force (and what it means for the future.)
* It's a great time to be a federal contractor.
* Bush's plans undercut by outside events. Thank heavens for small blessings, I say.
* Heh, whoops. Reid calls Bush a loser'.
* Montgomery County's sex ed program is under assault.
* New Mexico, home to Terror Town, USA.
* Report says 'mean girls' start as preschoolers.
* The media blitz on Star Wars is on.

Comics take over Hollywood, and Marvel moves to take their piece of the pie. Also, the NYTimes looks at the rise of the comic book movie.

Spielberg, Dick, and Harryhausen inducted into Science Fiction Hall of Fame.

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