PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

So. The other evening, Black Queen and I went to see State Property 2. Now, as the opening credits rolled, I was about to confess I hadn't seen the first one, and was thusly worried I wouldn't be able to catch up with the story. But lo and behold, they start the film with a wrapup of what already happened, which they then expand into a series of flashbacks. This, in turn, expanded to show the director's style, a mix of jump cuts and on-screen captions (reminiscent of the British gangster comedy genre, if I can say that phrase with a straight face) mixed with a somewhat derivative but still entertaining plotline. Add in some very funny moments, and some clever-enough production values for a low-budget movie/vanity project, and you get a pretty entertaining movie, and the biggest surprise I've had this year.

Side note: during the end credits, they go through all the cameos in the film. Now, of the twenty or so, I only knew a couple of the people involved, and in fact only recognized one by appearance. Turns out I'm not that up on my gangsta rap or the hippity-hop music. However. Last year I threatened to invent a new Oscar category for Best Cameo, and if they actually hold that this year, it's totally going to... Mariah Carey.

New trailers seen:
* Rebound - Whuf. Martin Lawrence in a kids' sports movie, *that's* something we don't need.
* High Tension - Huh. Maybe. Good trailer, though.
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