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Tomorrow is Free Comic Book Day! Swing my your local comic book store to pick up great freebies.

And if you're looking for something to pick up while you're there, here's a list of some great graphic novels I would recommend to most anyone. No prior reading or knowledge necessary. Got suggestions of your own? Add them in! I'm always eager to hear more.

...Good for everyone:

Ex Machina - A hero hangs up the costume to better serve the public - as mayor. Also, the *best* first issue of a comic book I've read in a long, long time.

Fables - Exiled from the world of legends, characters from fairy tales try to co-exist with each other hidden in the real world. Great for long-time fans of the Vertigo books.

Runaways - Teenagers always think their parents are evil. But what if you found out your parents were actual supervillians? Excellent take on the classic superhero team book.

Y the Last Man - Yorick Brown is the last man on Earth, literally. Every male human and animal on earth died at once, and while women work to survive the 'gendercide,' Yorick must embark on a quest. Or two. Positively engrossing.

...Looking for some superhero fare?

Astro City - A post-modern look at the iconic world of super-heroes, written and drawn with a complete love and appreciation of the mythology and the history of the genre. Sounds overblown, but it's true.

Justice League: New World Order - Revamping the premiere superteam of the DC universe, the Justice League encounters a team of superheroes out to make the world a better place.

Top Ten - If the world was *entirely* populated by super-powered individuals, who would police it? The men, women, and others of Precinct 10, that's who.

The Ultimates - A new look at the Avengers, given extra gravity when you realize it came out right around 9/11. The government puts together a team of "people of mass destruction." Casts a whole new light on some classic characters.

...And a couple classics:

Batman: Arkham Asylum - Bring on the bad guys. A dark, surreal vision of Batman, descending into the place populated by the worst of psychos, all of whom he put there.

Marvels - A reporter's life in the Marvel universe, watching 35 years of the superheroes' greatest events unfold from a totally different, human perspective.

V for Vendetta - In a futuristic dark fascist London, a mysterious anarchist wages a war to free the nation's ideology.

...New additions, prompted by comments and others:

The Replacement God - A completely different type of fantasy, an and entertaining fairy tale. The god of death has died, and a replacement is needed. Also, there are beatniks.

The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen - A team of diverse and bizarre characters are gathered to save Victoria's England.

[EDIT: more added, 11:28 am EDT]
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