PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

"The Bush Administration's record belies its pro-troops rhetoric. Bush won't attend military funerals. Rumsfeld signed condolence letters to military families with an autopen."
-the essay from The Nation on military censorship

Good read: George F. Will examines the strength of the nonreligious in America. You'll be surprised.

So: why can't Wal-Mart pay its employees more?

Can you be fired for your political affiliation?

* How they set the trap for the captured al Qaeda leader.
* Examining the long road to democracy in the Middle East.
* GOP shifts strategies on social security again.
* David S. Broder looks at the fine print behind the budget.
* Think Abramoff is just another lobbyist? Think again.
* Bush faces a tough sell in Moscow.
* Lloyd Garver on a support group for dispirited liberals.
* Dana Milbank on Delay's attempts to avoid the press.
* Dick Meyer posts some replies to his article on Pat Robertson.
* Scientists and teachers unite to fight back against new campaign for creationism in schools.
* Is Saturn's moon Phoebe a captured comet?
* Did these dinosaurs turn vegetarian?
* New stamps to recognize accomplished scientists.
* A movie looks at the secret erotic novelist behind Story of O.
* Loews theater chain to start issuing actual movie times.

The clever mind behind Freakonomics! "...One must admire the audacity of a man so willing to stand up to both the teachers' unions *and* sumo wrestlers."

A review of the opera version of 1984.

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    What lead to the death of the enclosed mall as a concept?

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