PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

anthology of (vague) interest

1.) I am remiss in that I forgot to mention from the weekend that Black Queen did me a great service over the weekend. She figured out how to reset the buttons on my radio. No, seriously, I had it figured out at least twice before, but then forgot, and I mentioned this in the car when I was scanning stations, and rather than trying some crazy button combo like I was doing (I blame a misspent youth of Mortal Kombat) she, uh, just held the button down. No, really. So, while I will now have fewer crazy finds while flipping stations, I won't have to spend so much time flipping stations, and that's a good thing. I formally owe her one.

2.) Gave Jersey Girl a shot last night. Stopped paying attention about a half hour in. God, it was awful, if I didn't know it was a Kevin Smith movie I never would believe it. Just, painfully, dull and predictable, with little to no charm. So instead I logged into City of Heroes, which leads us to:

3.) Got into a quick team to run through some missions. And let me note how much I love when you have one of each archetype on a team of five. Seriously, it's a well-oiled machine.

But the meat of the issue: our tank, StoneBeast, was a herding *master*. Seriously, I've seen it done before, and I've done it before myself, but nothing like this. He gathered the warehouse full of Warriors into, honestly, three groups. I'm sorry I didn't get a screenshot of the first herd, but here's one of the second:

Now, the first herd? Entirely not joking, was easily four times this big. It was *ridiculous.* My Shadow Maul was hitting five or six gangers, my Dark Consumption, I guess around ten. The blaster's Energy Torrent was *plowing* through hordes at a time. Just about the funniest thing I'd seen.

There's no point in me being a part-time tank in a world like this, I just won't be that cool ever. Might as well not even try, focus on scrappin' and blastin'.

4.) Courtesy "Doctor Strange will be the fourth direct-to-DVD animated movie in Marvel's deal with Lion's Gate films, following two Avengers films and Iron Man."

They've got my attention. I think if they worked out a deal with, oh, Cartoon Network or HBO or someone similar to get the movies aired once, it'll help get the word out. But maybe that's just me.
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