PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

"By historical standards, the economic recovery in the United States has been unfair. It has devoted too big a share of income growth to corporate profits, too little to workers. Indeed, in 2004, wages and salaries received the lowest share of total national income ever recorded, with the data going back to 1929, the year the Great Depression began."
-David R. Francis

New tactics evolve in the anti-evolution front.

The subculture inside MS-13.

Paul Mirengoff on arguments by metaphor.

* US unprepared for evacuations in case of nuclear terrorism. (Also, this graphic worries me.
* More evidence of torture and cover-up at Guantanamo?
* Military recruiters caught crossing some boundaries, as the Supreme Court considers cases banning recruiters from campuses. Are they being pressured to bend the rules?
* Part two of Dotty Lynch's series, Follow the Money. (Part one here.)
* Newspaper circulation continues to drop.
* Hong Kong opens offensive on dim sum.
* Andy Rooney on unbelieveable baseball salaries - for teams that don't even win.

Wait, *another* Exorcist prequel?

Orson Scott Card on the demise of Star Trek.
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