PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

Last night, caught the nifty werewolf movie Dog Soldiers. Highly recommended, in a British straight-to-video-werewolf-movie sort of way.

Saturday was the Housewarming of Regent and Sailor Tork. Much fun was had, dares were made, etc. With my large group of friends, we don't have as many big gatherings as we used to, so I enjoy when we do have things like this now and again.

And speaking of large gatherings, Sunday was Thanksgrabbing, a fine feast arranged by Operative X and Callico. I ate many delightful dishes (and too many deviled eggs.) I enjoy these because it's the same crowd I see a few times a year, at X's parties.

Joe Bob Briggs takes on the return of the draft. (Yeah, I didn't know they were talking about it either.)

* The GOP is hungry to push its social agenda. (Included: how they intend to overthrown Roe v. Wade.)
* Howard Kurtz clues me in on Paul Krugman, the professor who won't stop point out Bush's lies.
* Meanwhile, the Democrats face problems at the core of their mission.
*Finding hope for the future in... Iran?
* Finally, alcohol and rites of passage.

Listening to: the highly underrated SuperCop soundtrack.
Fortune Cookie: "Goods that are not shared are not goods."
Quote: "Now you have to wonder, is that what it tastes like, or is that what it causes?" -Dayv Benzino, Thanksgrabbing 11/02

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