PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

"All of the above may be true, but political prognosticators sometimes forget that average folks don't follow every twist and turn of Beltway infighting. So keep in mind: Gas prices have been rising. The stock market has been in a swoon. The economy is not exactly inspiring confidence. All that has got to be hurting Bush. When people feel economic anxiety - and see that their leaders appear more obsessed with one brain-damaged woman, parliamentary procedures and fiddling with their retirement money - that's when you suffer in the polls."
-Howard Kurtz

* NYTimes analysis: After 99 Days, Testing Winds
* Post analysis: A Gambler Decides to Raise the Stakes
* Howard Kurtz on Bush vs. the press, ratings, and more.
* Complete transcript.

* World Opinion Wrapup: UN reform means something different overseas.
* Did the military stage fake interrogations?
* Good news: they're expanding the beltway in Virginia. Bad news: they're expanding to make room for toll lanes.
* Shakespeare, from behind bars.

Supermarkets are the new frontier in bookselling.

Oh, hee. Bush prods locals on Splash Day.

What about a no-smoking-allowed concert? (Hey, I might be hitting that one, funkay.)

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