29 April 2005 @ 08:17 am
The plan was simple. Pick up tze bebe, drive by the hospital, keep her amused while I get checked out, and head home.

Of course, having no regular doctor (I know, I know) I had to hit the emergency room. Which means waiting, in fact, about an hour (to their credit, they had an actual emergency there.) So, an hour of chasing bebe all over the room. She was in good spirits and not irritating anyone, but a constant bucket of movement.

Hour later, finally get seen. I thought I had a boil under my arm, but the doc thinks it's just a swollen lymph node, which makes sense as it coincided with the dental thing. So, they stick a needle in it and *apparently jiggle it around because they hate me.* During this, I'm trying to explain to tze bebe that they're just helping Daddy and they're not going to bug her at all. All done, they bandage me up, and I start to get all light-headed. At which point I realize that since it took so long, I was late for my medication, and thusly I hadn't eaten in a while either, and in fact spent an hour walking and chasing a bebe, which counts as the exercise the dentist told me to avoid for a couple days. I don't actually pass out, but whee, no fun, that. Funniest part was, I was lying down on the gurney waiting for the room to stop spinning, and bebe was sitting next to me, happily amusing herself by shaking my pill bottle (which she stole from me moments before) like a rattle.

So, yeah. One more footnote in the awesome week I've been having.

Oh. And. This new round of antibiotics will last like even longer, meaning it looks like I'll be off the boozamahol for a few weeks. Feh. I'll have some catching up to do thereafter.
(Deleted comment)
PMMJ: Camelcheetahmaster on April 29th, 2005 06:49 am (UTC)
I will formally be grateful when I'm past this.

Eating pudding all the time sounds like fun, at first.
Lalaangela_la_la on April 29th, 2005 06:48 am (UTC)
Oof. That sounds awful, particularly the needle -- why do they always do that?

Any chance you'll be recovered in time for the next Pirate Karaoke? The roommate and I are very interested in coming down for it.
PMMJ: Marvel: The Thing - it's clobberin' timecheetahmaster on April 29th, 2005 06:49 am (UTC)
Any chance you'll be recovered in time for the next Pirate Karaoke? The roommate and I are very interested in coming down for it.

Despite how it might seem, I can karaoke without drinking, so I'm for whatever whenever. When is next pirate karaoke?
Lalaangela_la_la on April 29th, 2005 07:03 am (UTC)
I wasn't implying that you couldn't karaoke without drinking, just that you might not want to. What's the name of the place where it's held? I did a search on "Maryland pirate shanty karaoke" and got nothin'.
PMMJ: Music: Cold Slithercheetahmaster on April 29th, 2005 07:28 am (UTC)
Oh, are you talking about the thing at the Royal Mile?

To wit:
"Another regular favorite is Ship’s Company Chanty Singers & Friends on the first Tuesday of every month."

I don't know about going there to sing, myself. Only song I might be able to fake as a shanty is "South Australia" by the Pogues. Or, uh, any number of other songs by the Pogues. But it was entertaining.
Lala: crankyangela_la_la on April 29th, 2005 07:58 am (UTC)
Arrr, the first Tuesday of both May and June is lookin' kinda crappy. DAMN IT. I demand Scotch eggs and PIRATES.
PMMJ: Sisyphuscheetahmaster on April 29th, 2005 11:21 am (UTC)
...and haggis?
(Deleted comment)
PMMJ: Memento: the Factscheetahmaster on April 29th, 2005 06:54 am (UTC)
As previously mentioned, I've usually had good experiences there; they were champs about the whole baby delivery thing. And it only took an hour because of that accident victim, who looked to be in pretty bad shape.
Jenexamorata on May 2nd, 2005 08:46 am (UTC)
Whuf. So we aren't siblings in armpit boils after all, eh? Glad it didn't go worse.

A little bird told me there is karaoke Fridays at the My Way again!
salami_salomesalami_salome on May 3rd, 2005 06:20 pm (UTC)
A little bird told me there is karaoke Fridays at the My Way

Birds are swingers now? There's so much I don't know about ornithology.
salami_salomesalami_salome on May 3rd, 2005 06:17 pm (UTC)
Things I Am Glad I Don't Have to Do:
1)Explain needles to babies.

BTW, if you have a medical issue of a non-emergency nature, there is always the PatientFirst clinic over by the Target and Weis on 198. And, as was recently pointed out to me, the Target has their "Minute-Clinic" thingie up and running now. Neither of these things will help you in the wee hours, but if you are sick during the day or early evening, it's actually relatively convenient. Just for future reference.