PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

Tonight, on Lost...


* Oh, wacky voiceover guy, how I loathe thee.
* Nifty seeing the crash scenes put together.
* Hooray for the Drive Shaft song!
* 48 survivors. Wait, 49. Nope, back to 48.
* The broadcast, still still sp00ky.
* OK, you know what's bizarre about this clip show? NONE of the flashbacks. Seriously, it's like you're seeing what happened, but there's NO sense of context. It's so strange. Anyone who just tuned into this for the first time tonight, you *need* to go read all the episode recaps so you can understand the HUGE BUCKETS of nuance and references and oh the whole show and everything.
* Oh, that's right, Charlie has a guitar.
* Oh, that's right, Shannon has asthma.
* Man, Sayid just seems to be a dick here.
* Oh, the torture scene rerun, fanfuckingtastic.
* Rousseau hasn't seen other survivors. Hmmm. (I know, I know, not a reliable witness, but still.)
* "...carriers..."
* OK, for the census, Hurley says there's 46 survivors. That's 48 minus the cop and the girl who drowned. But that's including Ethan, who shouldn't have been on the manifest. So did they just miscount the first time, or is the count still off?
* Nice of the editors to note that Locke, when looking for Charlie, was suggesting the other way. Did he not want Charlie found? Did he just screw up tracking?
* Charlie says "All they wanted was Claire." Note the *they*.
* "Ethan's the bad guy."
* Listened extra-close to the other side of the radio when Boone got through on the drug plane. I'm pretty confident they said "There are no survivors of Oceanic 816..."

And now, for a fun exercise. Name all the really important plot points that you wouldn't have gotten had this been the first episode of the show you saw!

- Locke was paralyzed from the waist down before the crash, and wasn't outdoorsy at all.
- Sawyer also heard the whispers.
- Walt possibly has super powers. No, really.
- Claire's kid has some huge destiny as well. Possibly.
- The entire split between the group living on the beach and those living in the caves.
- Oh, right, the bodies found in the caves!
- Walt burned down the first raft.
- Rose.
- Hurley's numbers!
- Sayid + Shannon!
- Golf course, backgammon, etc.
- I'm sure I'll think of ten more big ones as soon as I post this, but hey.
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