PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

OK, the short story:

Had a headache for a couple days, which I gradually realized wasn't a headache, but a toothache. So, last-minute dental appointment tonight leads to prompt removal of impacted molar. *Score.* I mean, normally a night of nitrous and percoset is just for fun, but no, tonight, something was *accomplished.* Feh.

So, a couple days of sucky recovery coming up (but on the positive side, lots of pudding!), no drinking or heavy lifting for ten days or so, etc. Blah.

(Other amusing note: the 'how to recovery' printout also notes I should avoid "sharp foods" [pretzels, chips, etc.] for four weeks. I didn't know there was a classification for "sharp foods." Damn my public school education!)
Tags: 2005, food, not news
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