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Oh, the *other* thing I forgot to mention about Birds of Prey is that this week, the guest star was none other than Eddie Fiori!

RQ and I finished watching the extended director's cut of Fellowship of the Ring, and except for one new scene, I really enjoyed the additions. Now, to get through all the extra stuff on the DVDs.

England wins the fucked-up award for having public autopsies again. Note the 'again.'

OK, where to start.

* More foreign males ordered to submit prints and background to the INS.
* Sen. Charles Grassley seeks probe of domestic terror database.
* Remember Bush's campaign platform, on how he was against nationbuilding?
* Putin asking some good questions.
* Interesting times in the battle of states' rights.
* Good Lord, Gary Hart is back to kill us all.
* Howard Kurtz on libertarians and other third party candidates.

"If GOP partisans really wonder why the [Libertarian Party] is beginning to cost them victories, they need look no farther than any given daily paper. A Republican-dominated federal government is giving us more federal land grabs, secret arrests, restrictions on political speech, and increased pushes for even wider-scale ability to do warrantless searches of phone and Internet lines. The libertarian-minded have very little reason to feel any loyalty to the Republicans, despite the GOP's pretensions to being the party of free markets and limited government." -Brian Doherty

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    "It’s Time for Black Liberation, Not Liberalism."

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    What lead to the death of the enclosed mall as a concept?

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