PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

Alabama bill targets 'gay books.'

Report shows global terrorism on the rise, but, ha ha! that coy State Department won't release the actual numbers.

So. Could the internet make a third party candidate viable? (Courtesy Howard Kurtz.)

Have they captured the serial arsonist? [EDIT: link fixed, thanks Northram.]

* Dick Meyer on the Lilliput Congress, in a cycle of bringing down its leaders, and other bad mega-trends in Congress.
* Ted Rall on Homeland Security arresting innocent teenage girls.
* Sensing defeat, the administration seeks to reframe the Bolton debate. Meanwhile, Thomas Friedman recommends a better-qualified candidate.
* Republicans refuse compromise on judicial nominees.
* Inflation: monster or myth?
* On the trail of a
deadly virus.
* Ethics guidelines issues for stem cell research.
* Company to stop selling genome information and put it all in public domain.
* "Is technology outpacing people's ability to use it meaningfully?"

What if someone had full frontal, show-everything sex in a movie and no one cared?
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