PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

DeLay's airfare charged to lobbyist's credit card. No, really.

Is PBS being pressured by the administration to become more conservative?

Rights group cite Rumsfeld and Tenet directly in claims of abuse.

Must read: Frank Rich on the "Justice Sunday" lynch mob.

* New head for the Joint Chiefs chosen.
* Wal-Mart under scrutiny for improper spending allegations.
* Canada's Prime Minister says they'll have a new federal election within a year. (Bonus: nifty BBC photo behind the scenes.)
* Were Ratzinger's views shapes by demonstrations in the 60's?
* Well, duh: Hyde notes the Clinton impeachment was at least partially payback.
* Man, even ROTC enrollment is down.
* "When it comes to online games, women over 40 play the most often and spend the greatest number of hours doing so, even beating out teenage boys, according to a study conducted by Digital Marketing Services."

So. What is relativism?

Watching TV makes you smarter.

Righteousness and respectability in comic books.

Ten things we did not, in fact, know this time last week.

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