PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

I declare Kung Fu Hustle a rare treat. Stephen Chow is entirely claiming Jackie Chan's throne as the king of martial arts comedy. The movie has the ability to switch from cartoony-CGI effects to good fight choreography to movie spoof to slapstick humor, all within a single scene. And loaded with cheap jokes and fight scenes throughout. My only disappointment was that there weren't more dancing scenes. :} Definitely worth checking out.

New Trailers:
* Unleashed - OK, new trailer was a little more convincing, so I'll give it a shot.
* Kicking & Screaming - The only reason I'm not writing it off is because Will Ferrell has surprised me in the past. Still, not high on any list.
*** Night Watch - OK, this trailer, in fact, blew the audience away. I had heard about the movie coming out in Russia, but never expected it to come over here. Much less to get a widescreen release, advertising it as the first in a three-part epic trilogy. Epic horror-fantasy-thriller-action about a war between light and darkness? With Russians? Mark your calendars, folks, July 29th.
* Layer Cake - British gangster movie with O'Brian, plus directed by the guy who'll be directing X3. Sure.

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