PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

Tasty dinner last night at Jaleo in Bethesda for the birthdays of Latinate and Aztec. Scorpios rule.

RQ and I have caught a couple episodes of Changing Rooms recently, which is amusing in its Britishness. Though they kind of mix up the format now and then, in the case of the Changing Church Rooms we saw (which was very keen.)

Word on the street is, Birds of Prey won't be coming back after this season. I can't say I'm surprised, or that I will miss it; it's just not firing on all cylinders. There are parts of it which demonstrate it could be a good show, but it's just not there. Ah well. At least I will have it all on tape for future generations.

NEWSISH: A nifty opinion piece on charity vs. philanthropy. My heroes in the ACLU are filing a court motion seeking Justice documents on Patriot Act. And, what would Jesus drive?

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