PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

meme, remix

Everyone else was doing it, but I decided to put my own spin on the meme.

Pick one of each to describe me, post it in the comments, then post the options in your LJ for others to do.

* DC Comics or Marvel Comics?
* Rolling Stones or Beatles?
* Beowulf or Grendel?
* G.I.Joe or Transformers?
* To-may-to or to-mah-to?
* Wolverine or Spider-man?
* Mr. Spock or Dr. McCoy?
* Cake or death?
* Alien or Predator?
* The Jets or the Sharks?
* Duck, duck, or goose?
* Breath mint or candy mint?
* Bear or bull?
* Christopher Lee or Ian McKellen?
* Tastes great or less filling?
* Ninja or pirate?
* Titanic or Hindenberg?

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