PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

"Dim the houselights. Cue the backing band. Let's bring him out:

Ladies and gentlemen... Mr. Elton John!

It's the circle of life,
And it moves us all,
Whether you're Claire giving birth
Or you're Boone napping in dirt
Of you're Jack getting hitched
To Ed's hot chick (Carol Vessey, baby!),
In the circle! The circle of life!

And also:

"By the way, that just may have been the cleanest baby ever born in the history of mankind. No blood. No gray gunk. What, was the womb packed with Styrofoam bits? And how about Claire up and walking around the next morning, no worse for wear, as if the only thing that kicked her butt the night before was a bad burrito or something?"

Both from

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