PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

"If cops are willing to lie about events witnessed by hundreds of people in broad daylight, while the cameras roll, if they're unafraid to file phony charges against white college kids with rich parents who can afford good lawyers, one can easily imagine what they do to minority teenagers on the desolate streets of the slums."
-Ted Rall

Domestic terrorist groups remain a threat, but get little attention. (courtesy Northram.)

David Ignatius: "The problem with Bolton, in fact , is that he epitomizes the politicization of intelligence that helped produce the fiasco over Iraqi weapons of mass destruction."

Conspiracy theory: The Neil Bush-Ratzinger connection? Also, did Ratzinger cost Kerry the election?

* Myanmar military reportedly uses chemical warfare against rebels.
* Judicial votes poised to force filibuster issue.
* Overview of the ethics committee tug-of-war and DeLay's part in it. Also, DeLay's downfall.
* Former secretary Powell plays a quiet role in the Bolton debate.
* Interesting. Church leaders speak out against Frist.
* Greenspan renews warnings about budget deficits.
* David Brooks blames, well, pretty much everything on Roe v. Wade. (Note: inflammatory. In case you couldn't guess.)
* Dan Froomkin on Bush admitting there's no link between his proposed energy policy and gas prices, the Denver Three, and more.
* World Opinion Roundup: three continents, different ways of looking at the new Pope.
* Paul Krugman on incongruities in our health care.
* Microsoft under fire for removing support for gay rights bill.
* Race-restrictions on deeds still in use in Virginia?
* FDA set to investigate a link between epilepsy drugs and suicidal tendencies.
* The mystery of unpopped kernels of popcorn - SOLVED.

Local: Metro signs to now tell length of upcoming trains.
Local: my alma mater, Bowie High, gets a visit from Russell Simmons.

Cavers reach new depth record.

First look at the new Superman costume from the upcoming movie.

The Comics Curmudgeon and... the Phantom!
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