PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

So, the concept I thought up while frustrated and solo-ing a mission with a non-SuperSpeed character (I'm so spoiled at this point):

Basic Powerset:
6.) Hasten
8.) Teleport Other
10.) Hurdle
12.) Stealth
14.) Superspeed
16.) Health
20.) Stamina

Opening four powers are whatever works best. See below for theories.

The level 18 slot can come at level 16 if you're so inclined, for, you know, whatever. And you'll have a couple free slots at 22 and 24 to pick whatever gravy powers you need to catch up with the pack.

The setup is perfect for those missions where you have to defeat Boss Dude and his minions, or free a scientist or whatever. At level 14, you can zoom through the map with Stealth, find the objectives/big boss, teleport in the rest of your team, and finish lickity split.

Empathy module:
1.) Healing
1.) Dark Blast
2.) Heal Other
4.) Resurrect
16.) Tenebrous Tentacles

Assault Rifle module:
1.) Burst
1.) Power Thrust
2.) Slug
4.) M30 Grenade
18.) Flamethrower

You can probably figure out a Tanker slot also. I haven't been able to figure out one for a Scrapper, they just need too many secondaries to get functional. I doubt a Controller would get much play at this level, but I might be able to figure out something with Mind Control/Empathy.

Comments? Would you play this? Would you team with this hero?
Tags: gaming

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