PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

"Asked to give a lecture last night about 'The Polarized Press: Media and Politics in the Age of Bush,' Karl Rove was blunt: It's all the press's fault."
-Dan Froomkin

A poll on national security, ten years after Oklahoma City. Speaking of polls, Bush's numbers sink more, but not as low as Congress's.

Good read: Dana Milbank on Karl Rove's lecture on the media. No, really.

David Ignatius notes that along with the rise of globalization, there's a new rise in nationalism.

The controversy over pharmacies and birth control grows.

Quotes from Ratzinger on various issues.

* This just in: under that definition, conservative judges are activist judges too.
* Andrew Cohen doesn't expect Moussaoui's plea to stick.
* Utah makes it official and votes against No Child Left Behind.
* Sixty years after World War 2, rethinking Stalin and pondering German roles.
* What about a global health corps to help fight AIDS worldwide?
* Yes, the 2008 campaigns are already starting to take shape.
* "A philanthropist of science seeks to be its next Nobel."
* Moore's Law, still going strong after 40 years.
* Device for inhaling insulin may be ready within a year.
* Creating a language for the video game Jade Empire.
* Will Rudin be able to fill the Weinsteins' shoes?
* Hollywood welcomes a new batch of wealthy outsider investors.
* The lineup for Cannes has been released, and it's thick.

NPR's American Stages, part seven: the challenge of a rotating repertory.

Using playground equipment to bring running water to Africa.

The Comics Curmudgeon brings up Mark Trail's latest disaster.
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