PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

Previously, on Deadwood...

* Oh, snap. Al just gave a pep talk to Merrick. So weird.
* "We are dwarves in the company of a giant." -Stapleton
* Farnum: "A penny for your thoughts "
Alma: "I'm glad to be leaving your company"
* OMG Charlie's picking a fight with Wolcott.
* ...And by 'picking a fight with Wolcott', I mean 'delivering a savage beating to Wolcott.'
* Had no idea Charlie had it in him.
* Al's officially back in style.
* "He's always draggin' that leg." -Jewel
* Also note: Al treats her as an equal.
* "And tell that child no hard feelings, hm?" -Al
* Al's soliloquoy: brilliant.
* Oh, oh Jane.
* Now, Al's giving Charlie a pep talk. Dogs and cats, living together.
* Man, where's Joanie gonna go now?

Ooooh, and fancy find: Deadwood characters: fact and fiction (Note: a couple minor spoilers there, but based on the history of what actually happened. Nevertheless, spoilers.)

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