PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

"Republicans, who have become the party of war, death penalty and opposition to helping the sick and downtrodden, exhibit brazen hypocrisy every time they dare proclaim themselves 'pro-life.'"
-Ted Rall

Maryland Democrats close the legislative session with a big agenda push.

Must read: Howard Kurtz on the future of dying newspapers, the Republican war on the judiciary, Bush's record-low poll numbers, and much more.

* Tracking the Marburg virus in Angola.
* Iraqis still lack some basic rights.
* Saudi Arabia bans forced marriages.
* Hey, what about the deficit?
* Looking at alternatives to the 'nuclear option' ending of the filibuster crisis.
* Joel Engel on the perversion of the word "liberal."
* Growing scandal in Canada.
* New York gambling not bringing in the money they wanted.
* New biography of Oppenheimer.
* Lucrative book publisher moves operations to Hollywood.

Cool science: the future of extreme textiles.

Photo gallery of famous men crying (courtesy Velvet.)

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