PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

Tonight, on Lost...

Is Hurley scanning me?

* Diapers for the blood, nice.
* "Get to the beach. Ransack Sawyer's stuff." How long do you think Jack's been waiting to say that?
* Oh, geez, lung perforation.
* Damnit, another Jack episode.
* Jack was married?
* (Muppet Wizard of Oz commercial! With a Lost reference! Brilliant!)
* "She likes me." -Sawyer
* Jesus, Frankenstein-stitching. Also, Sun as nurse, nice.
* Transfusion!
* Ah, more primitive medicine. Did the writers for all the TV shows plan this for this season?
* Jin has super-hearing!
* Sun's sea urchin, nice. She's like the less-evil Locke.
* Jack plays the piano?
* Hee, "Heart & Soul."
* Boone spills about the plane and the hatch, nice.
* "I've got no expectations. [pause] Hopes, not expectations." -Sayid
* So, Claire's midwives are a murderer, an ex-junkie, and the former waiter/thug who can't speak English. They're like the three wise men.
* Blood pooling in leg, ew.
* "You OK? You're looking kind of goth." -Hurley
* Hee, makeshift guillotine.
* Claire, you dumb Aussie.
* Jin and Charlie watching, hee. Their silent conversation was a treat.
* Jack, those are the worst vows I've ever heard.
* Creepy baby!
* ...and Boone dies at the same time, who woulda thunk it. (Answer: everyone.)
* Look, all the extras came out to see the baby. (Except Rose; she's, uh, busy.)
* Instrumental scene, very well done.
* So, Jack, you're storming angry into the jungle to find the crazy guy with all the knives?

Today's fun find: check out the TVTome episode wrap-up of "Numbers", specifically page down to the Analysis section, where people goof around with numerology and the meaning behind the numbers.

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