PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

Why I love Pitchfork Media's news writers (And thanks to Operative X for this particular gem):

Ex-Members of 764-HERO, Murder City Devils Unite
It's where babies come from

Jonah Flicker reports:
Spencer Moody (ex-Murder City Devils) and John Atkins (ex-764-Hero) are pulling a Voltron and uniting to form The John and Spencer Booze Explosion. The duo debuted this goof-out at Seattle's Velvet Elvis Theater a few years ago, and are now set to release a full-length on NYC's Tiger Style Records, who tell us the band will be tackling a bevy of covers. Along for the ride: drummer Joe Plummer (Black Heart Procession, Magic Magicians), Dann Galluci (Murder City Devils), Jim Roth (Delusions, Built to Spill), and the ubiquitous Phil Ek.

Tiger Style claims the record features renditions of "a Bette Midler song written by Ben Folds, a French pop song that Spencer heard on some free CD, a demo by Fred Neil, a Jacque Brel track as actualized by Scott Walker, a Velvet Underground tune, and a Nancy and Lee Chestnut burner." We claim they're fucking with us. The John and Spencer Booze Explosion CDEP is due out on January 21st.

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