PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

DeLay's wife and daughter are on the payroll of two political action committees. And howzabout a third DeLay trip under scrutiny? (Plus bonus graphic.)

Two years into the Iraq war: what does the future hold?

Dick Meyer has praise for England's quick elections.

"Trying to intimidate judges used to be a crime, not a bombastic cudgel for cynical politicians."

* The tsunami zone not benefiting from the worldwide donations.
* Administration is tightly restricting oversight of the CIA detentions.
* Frist breaks from DeLay and the Republicans' anti-judiciary movement.
* Soon, you'll need a passport to visit Canada and Mexico.
* Nicholas Kristof wonders if a better way to honor the Pope's legacy might be to do something about Darfur.
* Military is rethinking its modernization project.
* Maryland passes controversial rule on Wal-Mart health care.
* One Virginian vintner's legal case could change how alcohol is transported nationwide.
* Jay Mathews on the pitfalls of discussing intelligent design.
* Looking at mystery star clusters in the Andromeda galaxy.
* The Swift observatory goes live.
* Report puts numbers to the cost of humanity's assault on nature.
* Study shows talking to kids about suicide doesn't make them more likely to try it.
* The voices of Saudi women.

Technology allows states to collect more lost revenue.

Fashion designers are falling in love with comic books.

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