PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

"You often hear about dictatorships cracking down on Internet news to maintain censorship as tightly as possible. These are generally the kind of regimes that not only try to choke off free expression but are fighting a losing battle against technology in the process. And the latest offender is... Canada?"
-Howard Kurtz

Great read: Paul Krugman gets to the root of why there are fewer conservatives in higher education.

David Brooks sees intellectual diversity as the strength of the current Republican hegemony.

Government agencies stage anti-terrorism drills.

* Congress returns to work with new questions on priorities.
* Students shut out of RNC forum.
* Cheney opposed to retribution against Schiavo's judges. There, that's the one mandatory good thing I have to say about him for this year.
* Community takes up new tactics to fight growth.
* The words of a Muslim cleric go on trial.
* Dan Froomkin behind the scenes with tough questions from the White House press corps, and more.
* Big game-hunting for big tax breaks.
* Terry Neal wants to see more female and minority pundits.
* Research with mice leads to understanding allergies to cats.
* Decoding the secrets of snake venom.
* Looking fo 'other Earths' outside the solar system.
* MacGuyver on DVD.

Military drones crowding Iraqi skies.

School bans red pens for grading students' papers?

Howard Kurtz says goodbye to the greatest generation behind the anchor desk.
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