PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

"Spending more than $2 billion on a sports stadium is insane."
-Bob Herbert

A master of the Senate's rules and history, Senator Byrd keeps up the good fight.

Murderer declares himself a corporation.

* CBS looks at the politics behind the papacy.
* The next Pope will face many challenges with a global agenda.
* The choice of the next pontiff could have an affect on American politics as well.
* The Post looks at the Pope's papal legacy of a church transformed.
* Who will be his successor? Also, Morley Safer chimes in as well.
* Helen Prejean thanks the Pope for his opposition to the death penalty.
* More Pope stuff, on his embrace of technology, the place of women in the Church, his conservative legacy, and behind the scenes at the vatican.

* Panel seeks intelligence culpability.
* Maureen Dowd notes that even after the fourth panel, basic questions remain unanswered.
* David Brooks on what we're missing in the art of intelligence.

* President uses more recess appointments to outflank... a Republican senator?
* Wait, China has a labor shortage? Maybe they could outsource some jobs over here?
* So, do we repair or replace out aging nuclear weapons?
* Creationism on the rise overseas as well.
* Federally-financed tutoring becomes a lucrative industry.
* Bush's budget cuts threaten NASA's Voyager program.
* Famous chef renounces foie gras on ethical grounds.
* Stephen Chow takes it to a new level with Kung Fu Hustle.
* "The powers behind the home-video throne"
* Peckinpah, restored.

Who we are: the mystery of body and soul, and the trail of data and DNA.

Ten things we didn't know this time last week.
Bonus: ten stories that could be pranks - but aren't.
Double-plus bonus! Ten unusual accidents.

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