PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

Tonight, on Deadwood

Let's kick off the pregnancy with a smoke!

* Morning sickness!
* Hee, Alma and Richardson.
* "You're knocked up." Why is Trixie the smartest person in the camp?
* Wait, there's a black person in town?
* Wait, there's two of them? I do love Nigger General, though, he's got class.
* "I ain't exclusive to him no more." -Trixie
* Yay, Jane's found a new friend.
* "Why do I feel lucky we didn't meet across a poker table?" -Silas
* OMG this is Doc Cochran's version of being nice.
* Cy, Wolcott, and the Commissioner, there's a recipe for trouble.
* Al's sitting with his profile showing to Seth, clever.
* Good to see Cy's back in rare form.
* ANOTHER TARRING. Thanks, HBO, is this like a theme season?
* Oh, Richardson, you scamp, I can't stay mad at you.
* "Pithy and civil. Pithy and civil." -Doc Cochran
* "I get back on my fucking feet, I'll carry my fair share of the water." -Al

Next week: whoah.

...aaannnddd, renewed for season three. BAM.
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